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Ring Found in Grass at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA. .. Returned to Owner by Ring Finder

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How to find a ring on the beach .. Call, Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136


*** A past client of mine contacted me, saying he saw a lost ring post on Craigslist. I sent the person a message offering help to look for his ring. The next day I received a call from Ivan, who believed his ring was lost in the sand at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA.

A whole day had pasted and it was already going to be dark before I could meet Ivan at the location. I met Ivan 45 minutes we talked on the phone. He showed me a 50ft x 50ft area of dry sand that he believed he lost the ring. After grid searching that part of the beach without finding his ring, I asked him if he had been anywhere else that day. He said, they had eaten lunch on the lawn in the shade of a nearby tree. He was sure that the ring was not there because he thought it would have been easily spotted in the thin grass if it were lost in that spot. 

I had to convince him it would be worth spending another few minutes to do a quick scan with my metal detector. As I began my grid search, I realized I would need my pinpointer to check the many signals I was getting. The darkness made it difficult to check signals. Just as I was getting ready to walk over to my car to get the pinpointer, I got a signal and I had enough light to see a round edge of a gold ring. BOOM! .. Ivan’s ring.  He was double surprised because he had already decided the ring could not be in that location. It was a good night and another very special recovery.. 


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