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Ring Found and Returned Near Middlebury Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Long Lost Husband’s Wedding Band Found and Returned to Widow

I had a great day yesterday and I know a lady who’s as happy as can be!

I got a phone call a few weeks ago from the sweetest sounding lady who was broken hearted by losing her husband about 5 years ago and then losing his wedding band about a year later. She was wearing it on a chain around her neck and had switched to wearing it on her thumb. They had a fantastic marriage for over 50 years and seeing the ring on her thumb every day was comforting for her.

She was embarrassed to tell me that she was quite certain that she had accidentally lost it down the toilet. About 3 or 4 years ago her daughter and son decided to give her a Mother’s Day gift by pumping out the septic tank and searching for the ring. They picked a distant corner of her land and pumped it out there on the field. They searched through the sewage with a metal detector. After having no luck searching there, her daughter, being incredibly brave and giving, climbed down into the septic tank and cleaned it completely out while looking for the ring. It wasn’t there. I was so impressed to hear that and really understood how much that ring meant to her mother. They were all very sad and the mother figured she’d never see it again.

A few years after that, her son saw my ad on Craigslist for The Ring Finders service and suggested she give me a try. I went right down the following weekend and comforted her that we would find it. I searched for many hours that day and didn’t find it. I wondered if there was a sewer trap beneath the concrete basement floor where it could be hiding. Her son didn’t think so. I told her I would come back and try searching all her lawns just in case it could be outside somewhere.
So, yesterday I went back again. It was a beautiful day and her home being so far away in the mountains, was just a great place to visit. She has a very close family and some good friends, including a lifelong pen pal who was visiting all the way from Texas. All made it a very fun and relaxing place to do a ring search.

After a couple hours of searching near her driveway, walkways and lawn, I looked up and saw her clothesline in the distance. I searched the ground where she would’ve walked to it, and then under it. Just then her son returned from a doctors appointment and came walking over to watch and visit. He hadn’t stood there for more than a minute when I got a nice tone on the detector. About an inch down in the dirt under the grass I found a paper thin gold colored ring. I held it up saying “is this it? it’s so thin, but it IS gold!”. Her son took it and said “it’s his ring, you found it!”. I got the rush of good feelings as we headed inside to show it to her. She looked at it with disbelief, very stunned, and then the emotions took over. She nearly fainted, then broke down in tears and gave her son and me some great hugs.

When they got married they had given each other matching wedding bands. He wore his every day for 50 years, while logging, woodworking and restoring old houses and antiques. It was worn so thin it was at the point of breaking any minute. When she put the 2 rings together it was quite a sight. I suggested that a jeweler could put them together and mount them to a nice pendant she could wear on her neck. They’re going to look into that.

After that, her son and I went metal detecting at several old sibling’s cellar holes up on the mountain. We also searched the foundation of an old one room schoolhouse on her land. We found where the teacher had “parked” her horse, there were 3 horseshoes there. I also found a partial antique ring at her great great grandparent’s cellar hole. It was in rough shape, missing the stone, but very ornate and she was glad to get that, too.

What an awesome day!!

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