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Lost Red Coral Ring Received From Parents During Childhood

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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November 2021 A gentleman contacted me asking for assistance in finding a ring he just lost from his childhood. He went on to explain that he had been raking leaves from his yard and a very precious keep sake give to him by his parents had slipped off his finger and gone missing. He told me that this ring is common in his home land of India where a copper ring with a red coral gemstone is mounted in such a way that the suns energy can shine through the red coral and radiate positive energy into the beholder who wears the ring. Copper is also used as its know to be a good conductor of energy and so this is the tradition that has been carried on for some time. He said he always enjoyed the ring so much that he has had a jeweler resize it several times. All though not an expensive ring, it has a lot sentimental value and he would very much like to get it back. He explained that he had a smaller yard and still had the yard waste bin full of leaves. With this I sprung into action and met up with him at his residence.

One of the areas he had been cleaning up leaves from was just outside of his back yard fence where a Seattle city sidewalk is. He also told me he was not wearing gloves and felt that it could have slipped off his finger at any time as he picked up piles of leaves with his bare hands.  We both had a strong feeling the the ring might be inside the yard waste bin. However I always prioritize my search efforts to public areas first then easy access areas next as low hanging fruit before taking on other places that require more effort.

After a quick scan around the landscaping and public sidewalk with no ring found I moved to his back yard and searched his lawn. The search of his lawn took a bit more time but after this I was confident our next step was to tackle his yard waste bin. I came prepared with a tarp and he sourced a second one from his garage. We laid the tarps down to make our clean up effort a little easier. I dumped the full bin of leaves out onto of the tarps and started scanning the pile of leaves. Within just a few minutes I located his beloved childhood ring and presented it to him. He gave a big smile showing his appreciation to get his ring back after almost loosing it to the yard waste bin. Together we made quick work in cleaning up the leaves and the yard was back in tip top shape in no time.

Another item of personal value returned and another smile found. It was a great day to help this gentleman out.

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