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Lost Diamond engagement Ring found at Presqu’île Provincial park

Was contacted by Dawn on Facebook about her loosing her diamond engagement ring at the beach in Presqu’île Provincial park. This ring was lost back on 2nd of July, over a month ago. She had taken the ring off and placed it inside a small purse for safe keeping while at the beach. During her drive back home, she reached inside her purse and noticed it was full of sand and the ring was gone. Hoping that the ring had simply fell out of her purse, we traded a few Google earth pictures and details of what had happened, due to the fact that is not local to the area and couldn’t show me exactly where they were sitting. I headed out to do what I love best, in hope that the ring was still there, if at all.  After a couple hours of gridding the beach, with very few targets, I finally got a great signal and pulled her ring out of my sand scoop. Another happy ending!!!