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Lost Keys Found by The Ring Finders Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a call today from a guy who had lost his car keys. Very slippery conditions had caused he and his Volvo to go off the road and into a very deep ditch. Somehow the key became lost, probably when trying to climb up out of the car. The wrecker came and towed the car away. He searched all his pockets and inside the car. He even tried a magnet and renting a metal detector.

He and many others I have found keys for, all say the same thing, to replace their keys was going to cost over $300, some have even told me much higher amounts!

I was available today, but he was driving a UPS route. He told me where the accident had happened and I went over to do the search. I brought a pick axe and jugs of hot water because it was only 20 degrees out and it had been lost for 5 or 6 days and nights of extremely cold weather. I expected the key to be frozen into hard mud or ice.

I got a few junk signals and then a good signal came from the little brook which had an inch of ice on it. After chopping through the ice, I was finally able to get the key out. The key had been under water for so long, I took it apart, cleaned and dried it. I pray it still worked after I returned to him.