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Lost Bracelet Found Under a Deck! Groton Long Point, CT

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A lost bracelet was found in Groton Long Point, Connecticut! Decades ago this gold bracelet was given to Mary as a gift from her husband. She has rarely worn the bracelet for fear of losing it. One afternoon she was exiting her back door while wearing the bracelet, and it got caught on the screen door. She felt the bracelet pull off and immediately looked down to see an empty deck. She knew it had fallen between the deck planks but could not quite pinpoint the area and was having trouble accessing the tight crawl space under the deck. After some careful peeking through the deck boards with a cell phone flashlight, I was able the see a glimmer of gold (photos below)! I left my phone light shining through the planks this way I would know the correct area once I crawled into the tight dark space under the deck. Mary finally had her sentimental gold bracelet back after being lost for months!

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Mary with a Big Smile!


Close-up of the Gold Bracelet


Back Porch Area Where Bracelet Fell


Gold View Through the Decking