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Engagement Ring Found in Middlebury Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a message from a lady who had lost her engagement ring last Wednesday. Her company does business with companies scattered around Vermont and New York and she makes frequent visits to them. The day she lost her ring, she had been to four large companies in the same town. She had taken off her rings and put them in her purse. After leaving the 4th place, she realized her engagement ring had fallen out of her purse. Over the next few days, she contacted all the companies, went back to search for it, searched inside her car, called the police and put lost ads in the media.

Her husband knew about my detecting service and suggested she call The Ring Finders. She called and wondered whether it would be worth searching, considering it could be anywhere or even taken home by someone else already. I knew searches like this are not very promising, but I told her I would try hard for her. With more snow in the forecast, it would be best to search asap.

So, I went that evening, even though the winds were gusting to 60 mph and it was cold. I have snowmobiling clothes! I figured on a late night and at least one or two return trips to find it. The day she lost it, it was snowing, so I started around the edges of the first parking lot, scanning all the snowbanks that the plows may have pushed it into. All I got was many junk signals, most were deep in ice. Then I tried the snowbanks along the edge of the walkway leading from the building. I got a good signal about 4’ from the walkway, dug a couple inches into the snow and there it was! Whoever had shoveled had unknowingly thrown it there in a shovelful of snow.

It was so nice to hear that a lot of good people in those companies were helping look for it, it’s too bad they didn’t find it. Because it was hidden in the snow, it came down to the need of an experienced person running a metal detector to be successful.

I love giving a ring back to someone who doubted they would ever see it again, I love to see the feelings of relief and happiness.

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