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Wedding Ring Found on Vermont Ball Field

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a voicemail last night from a local baseball player who had lost his wedding band a couple days ago during a game. Unfortunately, my new phone wouldn’t let me call him back because during the transfer from the old phone a bunch of functions were lost. We gave up our landline long ago, so I had to drive all over town trying to find a pay phone. I wasn’t able to find one anywhere, how frustrating! Finally, a store worker let me borrow their store phone.

I called him and we met at the baseball field this early morning before the fields became busy. He told me that he and his friends and fellow ball players had spent a long time searching visually for it, with no success. He described what position he was playing, and thought that he may have lost it on the way back to the bench when he took his glove off.

So, I began at the bench and crisscrossed a grid pattern heading out towards where he had been playing. There were tons of pull tab signals near the bench! In about 20 minutes and about 20 feet from the bench I got a great signal. I reached down and poked into the grass and there it was! His theory was 100% correct. He instantly knew it was his because of the jewelers initial inside. He was one happy guy!!

I love these successes!