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Wedding Band Lost for 5 Weeks in Sand .. Corona DelMar, CA. ..Found

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Corona Delmar Beach … Man’s Diamond Wedding Band, possibly lost on popular beach..

Mark called me a little after 5 pm. He said he would have called sooner but didn’t know a service like this existed. He told me that he thought he lost his ring a couple weeks before while on the beach playing volleyball in the sand at Corona Delmar. It’s only 2 miles from where I live, but I was 12 miles away in Laguna Beach..
Traffic was so bad that it took me an hour and a half till I was able to meet Mark and his wife Donna at the location.. After a couple weeks another extra hour shouldn’t make too much difference. I couldn’t promise anything but I could grid the area to verify that it’s not there. Donna showed me her matching ring to help me know what kind of signal I would be listening for.
They took off for a walk down the beach. Returning after about a half hour, Mark asked me if I had tried the area by the trash can. I was just setting up to grid that space. Two swings of my detector and a quick dig with my sand scoop and there was Mark’s ring, I was blown away, because I know this beach and this was definitely going to be a long shot.. I now believe in miracles!
It was so special to him because it was custom made with diamonds from his deceased mother and aunt.. When I handed it to him, he was speechless and very emotional. Then came the man hug.. I was also very surprised when his wife told me it was actually more than 5 weeks sense the loss.. Mark didn’t realize the ring was missing until the day after being at the beach.. This beach gets pounded with metal detectors and the city worker who drives the beach sifter is an over achiever ( it’s a very clean beach ).. I say, ” I’ll will try anywhere ” and this proves it pays off.