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Lost Cell Phone in 40 Feet of Water Above Heber, Utah- Found

I received a call regarding a lost iphone at the bottom of a lake above Heber Utah. While celebrating their wedding anniversary, they decided to take a canoe around the lake. The lake was located in the Uintah mountains which was above 7800 feet elevation. While out on the canoe, a bee flew around her and since she is allergic to bees, she went to swat the bee away and her iphone fell out into the water. Cell phones can be easily replaced but what can’t be is the photos and memories that are on them. She hadn’t backed up her iphone is over a year so with the loss of cell phone, the stress of losing all those fun memories came with it. Also the newer model cell phones seem to be a little more water resistant so I knew if I could get up their quickly, there was a good chance the phone could still work.

I made the 100 mile drive the next day and met Patricia and her family near where the cell phone was lost. We had to hike a fair way to get to the location and carrying all the dive gear and detectors was quiet a journey. The water was also very cold due to the high elevation and recent run off from the winter. They were told it was about 25-30 feet of water so I geared up and used my Air Buddy dive system to get down to the bottom. The bottom was full of dead branches and bushes and probably only had 1-3 feet of visibility on the bottom which is not uncommon for around here. I dove for about 30 minutes and then came up to let the sediment at the bottom of the lake settle down. On my second dive, I went a little further down (35-40 feet) and as I was cruising along the bottom detecting, I could see the edge of what looked like a cell phone sticking out of the sediment. Sure enough it was  the iphone! I quickly returned to the surface and presented the phone back to Patricia who was so happy to see it. 48 hours later, I received an update from her that after sitting in a bag of rice, the phone did manage to charge back up. She was able to get all those great memories back and I couldn’t be happier for her and her family!