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Ring Found in Burlington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


Got an urgent message from a woman who’s close friend had just lost her engagement ring. She gave me some information, pictures of the ring and a phone number to call. So I called her friend right away.

She sounded absolutely devastated. This ring was extremely sentimental. Her fiancé had recently proposed to her and the ring had once been his great grandmother’s. And plus, it was a beautiful ring!

My wife, being the big hearted sweetie she is, told me to go on the search, even though we had plans for the evening. She knew how important this one was, especially being lost in a public area.

So, I left immediately and met her and her fiancé on the beach where she might have lost it. She had also been riding her bike, but we decided the beach was more likely. She and her fiancé had borrowed a metal detector from a friend, so I showed them some basic detecting techniques. I got started with my gridding, and got a ton of junk signals. On the second pass I got a good, semi-shallow signal, pushed my fingers and pinpointer into the sand and felt the shape of a ring. I pulled it out and it was hers!!

When I gave it to her it you could sure see the relief and emotions. I was so happy it was back on her finger and wished them a long happy life together.

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