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Wedding Ring Lost While Throwing Football at the Waters Edge .. El Porto Beach, Los Angeles County Beaches, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)





If you lose your valuable in a place where a metal detector can be used, I am available to help, call now. .. 949-500-2136.

***  Justin and his friends were at El PortoBeach, one of the Los Angeles County Beaches. They had been throwing a football at the waters edge when Justin’s wedding ring flew off his finger. After an hour of searching with no success, got on line where he located my phone number.

Phone calls are recommended to give you the best possible chance for a successful recovery of your lost sentimental keepsake. I was happy to talk to Justin and to know he could be at the location till I arrived. We had a very good chance to find his ring because he did know when the ring came off his finger. The tide was coming in but that would not be a problem because my detector can operate in salt water. 

We met on the beach, where Justin showed me the area of the loss. It didn’t take long to find his ring using the right tool for the right job. (n.

h a metal detector finds it in a few minutes. End results is a very sentimental ring is not lost forever. Justin left the beach a very happy person.

A direct phone call will be answered promptly which will always increase your chance to find your valuable. I will respond to texts and emails which can effect our opportunity for a successful search.