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Found Wedding Ring in a Vermont Barn

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

My wife and I were enjoying a nice day together. We topped it off with a late afternoon matinee. During the movie, a voicemail came to my phone. Right after the movie I listened to it, where a husband explained that his wife had lost her wedding ring of 35 years at their farm.

I called him as we were driving home and we made plans for a night search. After a 90 minute drive, I arrived at their farm just as it turned dark. He told me that she had probably lost it either at the house, on the walk to the barn or most likely in the barn where she had gone to feed their sheep. They had spent the better part of 4 days searching for the ring in their house and raking through the hay in the barn. While watching their favorite hockey team on tv, she also looked online for someone to help search, where she found my contact information.

So, he took me up to the barn which seemed to be the most promising place to start. Barn searches can be very difficult for a metal detector due to interference from nails in planks, rebar in concrete, and other numerous metallic things throughout. I got started and sure enough their were lots of bad signals, especially near the welded wire fencing and metal gates. Nevertheless, a good signal chirped through the bad ones . I got out the pinpointer and started to dig down into the hay and dirt. About an inch or two into the dirt a bit of gold appeared. It was her ring, packed with dirt after being stepped on probably multiple times by the sheep! We gave it a quick cleaning and hurried back to the house to give it to her. She was absolutely beside herself with joy!! What a great feeling for me as well! We had a nice visit and I got to pet their 4 dogs.

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