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Wedding Band Found in the Grass

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got an email a few days ago from a guy who lost his platinum wedding band. Last Winter he was showing his young son how to make and throw snowballs. When they were done, he took his gloves off and shook the snow from them. He saw the ring go flying. He tried to find it then, but couldn’t. So he decided to photograph the area and try searching in the Spring after all the snow was gone. No luck then either. A friend of his loaned him a metal detector, he dug a bunch of trash signals, and still had no luck finding it. He saw my listing on the web and decided to get me to try the search.

Today was an awesome Fall day, perfect for a ride and a search. The foliage was still very nice where he lived. I got there, he showed me the area and I got to work. After checking many signals and digging a few, I got the nice loud “pop” on my detector that sure sounded like a man’s heavy ring. I moved the grass and saw the rim of a ring! It had been stepped on and pushed into the dirt, but it was still in perfect condition. He was very happy, and me too!

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