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Gold Wedding Band Lost in Ivy Lacey WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Matthew contacted me telling me he had just lost his wedding band over a patch of ivy and wanted to know if I could be of help locating it. He told me his family has a commercial sign business and while working a job in Lacey, WA with his father he lost his gold wedding ring. He told me he had recently been working out getting in fit as in a few months he would be off to the National Guard so the ring was now loose fitting. He also told me that his wedding anniversary was just a few weeks away and his wife was concerned about his missing wedding ring.

He remembered having the ring on while working and had become a bit concerned about it slipping off and then seemed to notice something was missing. Sure enough his ring had slipped off while working over the ivy.

Mathew and his father had spent over an hour poking through the ivy and could not locate his ring. At this point they knew they had to get someone with some experience involved. They did an internet search and found and noticed my listing.

Matthew told me he was leaving town later that afternoon. I assured him and he agreed no one would randomly find his ring. I also informed him that I had availability later that same afternoon. I told him based on the information he provided I would head out and start the search and if needed I would contact him for any additional details as necessary. He agreed and the search effort was set in motion.

Watch the rest of the story of how Matthew’s gold wedding ring is recovered.


Jeff Morgan