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Lost engagement ring recovered using teamwork. Lincoln, Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Moira got ahold of me and said she had noticed on Saturday at the 6th hole of a golf course that her irreplaceable engagement ring was not on her finger. I asked when was the last time she knew she had it. She said Wednesday night. Wow we were looking at a big window with lots of real estate. We talked for over an hour, narrowing down places to look and shortening the timeline. I agreed to meet at her house the next day. We talked about things she was going to look through in her house and I was going to work the outside, detecting and endoscoping her car. She went inside and I started to set up a grid to cover every square inch of where she threw balls for her two dogs. After some time she appeared outside with a big beautiful. She had found it while going through some places she had ran her hands. This truly was a great example of what teamwork with an experienced Ring Finder can accomplish.