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Steps to help find a lost ring…Found in Martinez, CA

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Loosing a ring is very much more common than people would imagine and the loss of a ring can be very disheartening for any number of reasons.  It is perfectly natural and okay to freak out for a moment, but what you do next could mean the difference in recovering the ring or not ever seeing this precious object again.  The following are my thoughts as to what your best course of action should be should this happen to you.

Determine when and where the ring was lost.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Note any land marks that may help get back to this location.

Call the experts and get help early

  • The Ring Finders is a world wide network of helpful professionals… go to
  • In most cases the earlier you can get help, the more likely there will be a positive outcome
  • Give the above information to your expert searcher

Retrace your Steps

  • Make note of possible locations and landmarks
  • Find a way to mark likely locations (photos or GPS works well)

Get the word out (In the event that the ring could easily have been found by others)

  • Post a LOST flier in and around the area
  • Create a listing on Craigslist (Lost and Found) also don’t forget to look for FOUND listings while there.
  • Social Media may have lost ring sites like on Facebook
  • Contact local law enforcement (non-emergency) to file a report

File an Insurance Claim

  • When this is an option, you can always cancel if the ring is found

Remember to never loose hope!  Ring recoveries are made every day and it is not uncommon for people to find and return these valuable and sentimental objects long after they have gone missing.  You can increase this chance by having names and (or) dates inscribed inside them. If you are reading this blog post and have contacted someone from, you are already on your way to a successful outcome.  My condolences for your loss and I wish you the very best of luck in making the recovery!!!


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