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Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered from Surf at a San Jaun Capistrano Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Tyran was collecting sea glass and shells in the surf at a San Jaun Capistrano Beach when her diamond wedding rings slipped off her finger into the waves. It was just about sunset when it happened. It was very rough surf conditions right up next to breakwater rocks. The rings were not to be found that evening.

I got a call from her later after she found my information online. She was willing to meet me the next morning at the location. After reviewing the information she gave me and the tide conditions, I told her our best chances would be the later evening tide. Even though I wanted to go right away my past experience in this area proved to work out well.

I assured them that I didn’t need them to give me anymore directions as the photos she gave me were perfect to identify the location. They did have dinner reservations for that evening in another city. 

I was able to locate the engagement ring after fighting with a rough surf. The smaller of the two rings probably moved down the slope because the back wash was crazy strong. I was surprised that this larger ring was recovered in these conditions. That’s why I will at least give it my best shot. When I met Tyran and Eddie later that evening they were very happy and grateful to have this ring back. They had told me in the beginning  this was the most important ring of the two.