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Necklace Nuggett Pendant Found Near Stowe

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a call 4 days ago from a woman who had lost a petite gold nuggett pendant off her necklace. This nuggett necklace was special to her because several years ago her parents had bought it for her while on vacation in Alaska.

She had been outside with friends next to a pondside campfire enjoying the Summer evening when she realized her necklace had broken and the nuggett was missing. She and her friends had searched pretty hard with no luck. So she arranged permission from the landowner for me to come do a search.

With thunderstorms around, we decided to try a search anyway in between downpours. I brought my prospecting detector because a nuggett that is small and irregular shaped would be a difficult target for most detectors. It’s for sure that most rental detectors would never have picked it up, so I was glad for her that she hadn’t wasted time with one.

I got started, found a couple junk targets and then about 20 minutes into the search I got what sounded like an aluminum foil signal, the number readings were all over the place. I decided to check it anyway. I parted the grass and there it was, where noone would have found it by eye. I think it may have even been pushed in a bit by someones feet. I passed it to her and she cheered and gave me a big hug!

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