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Lost ring in Provo: found

Three years ago, Kayla’s husband lost his heirloom wedding ring. The ring had belonged to Kayla’s grandfather, then her father, and then her husband. The 14K yellow gold nugget ring was made from Alaskan gold. They hoped the ring was just lost somewhere in the home, but after three years, they realized it wasn’t going to turn up on its own. They thought the ring may have slipped off in the back yard, so Kayla contacted me and asked for help. You may wonder if a ring that was lost several years ago can be found with a metal detector. Yes, it can! I have found rings that have been in the ground for 80 – 100 years, or more. I was happy to bring my metal detectors and do the search. After about 40 minutes of pushing tree branches out of the way, moving lumber, and dragging a small swimming pool out of the way, I found the ring, down a couple of inches in the grass! Now the heirloom is back in the family. Maybe someday Kayla’s son will own it.

Lost ring in Far West, Utah: Found

Before Mike started working in the yard, he slipped off the wedding ring that he had been wearing for more than three decades and dropped it into his pocket. Then he weeded and hoed in the garden, cleaned in and around the fish pond, and rested on the porch for a few minutes before realizing that the ring was no longer in his pocket. He and his wife searched, but they didn’t find it. Next, they found a place to rent a metal detector, but they couldn’t make it work right. What they didn’t realize was that their yard was plagued by the bane of metal detectorists: underground power lines. If there are power lines in the ground or in the air, searching with a metal detector is very difficult. So, their next step was to contact a Ring Finder. I got the call yesterday afternoon, and was able to drive up to Weber County that evening. Mike and Christie were very nice and very happy to see me. I adjusted my detector to deal with the buried power lines, and went to work. I searched the garden. No ring. I searched in and around the fish pond. No ring. I searched around the porch. Still no ring. Then I started searching the lawn, and found the ring hidden in the grass! Another happy ending!