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Found Ring in Middlebury, Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


Got a call from someone in need of help this morning. He’s a young man from Los Angeles, California going to college here in snowy Vermont. He was out having fun in the snow throwing snowballs at each other. He went to shake some snow off his cold bare hands and felt his tungsten promise ring go flying off. He and his friends dug through the snow for awhile and gave up. He was researching where to rent or buy a metal detector when he came across my listing for The Ring Finders. He figured calling someone with experience was the way to go with a ring that means so much to him.

I had just been called out on a wedding ring search in Stowe, right before he called me. So, we scheduled a search for later in the day.

I met him at the college around 3:30 and we walked to the area where he was sure it had fallen off. I turned on the detector, adjusted the settings and ground balanced it. Literally on the first swing, probably less than 5 seconds, I got a great signal coming from the snow. I pushed the pinpointer in and there it was! My new speed record for a recovery! He was so happy!

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