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Lost ring in Spanish Fork: Found

This is another remarkable story. Courtney and Dave wanted to learn the metal detecting hobby, so they invited me to their old family homestead in Spanish Fork, Utah. The family has lived on that land for over 100 years. I brought extra metal detectors for them, and we started searching to see if we could find any relics. The first good find was an old silver dime, but then I found an old, antique ring. It had two rubies and three elephants, each with a tiny diamond eye, and it looked like it had been made in India. It was gold-plated silver, and it looked like it had been in the ground for maybe 100 years. Inside the ring were the initials “EJ”. After a little looking on¬†we learned that Courtney’s great-grandmother’s name was Eleanor Jane. This must have been her ring! I’m sure that Eleanor would be happy to know that after being lost for four generations, her ring has been found, and is now a treasured family heirloom.