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Engagement Ring Found Way Up North In Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

A woman emailed me a couple days ago asking if there was any hope for her rings. From that I knew she was very down about losing them. She had been doing things out in her snowy yard and somehow lost both her engagement ring and her wedding band. She and her husband tried using his mother’s metal detector, but had no luck with it. I told her I could come today to search and that I was glad she lost them on her own property.
We are expecting a huge snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, so I got up early and headed out for a nice ride almost to the Canadian border. They always have tons of snow there, I used to like to go snowmobiling there.
I got there a little after 8:00 and she showed me the areas to look. It was 0 degrees out, so I was hoping for a quick search! I found her beautiful engagement ring in about 2 minutes and knocked on the door. She was surprised and relieved to have it back. It went very quickly back onto her finger! I figured I’d find the wedding band almost as quickly. Unfortunately that was not going to happen, searching hard for 3 hours with no luck.
I methodically moved a lot of snow, scanning every shovelful. There were many large steel objects that were frozen into the ground making it impossible to move them. I’m assuming the signal of her ring may have been masked by these things. I was very puzzled and disappointed, and have a hard time with failure. She was even wondering if her Husky might have carried it off somewhere. We made plans to do another search as soon as the snow and ice is gone. I’ll be scanning some doggy landmines too!

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