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Engagement Ring Found in Vermont’s North East Kingdom

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a message from a woman who lost her engagement ring in the snow a couple days ago. She was very shook up and had searched for hours, sometimes on hands and knees, in the cold snow. She and her fiancee had also tried a metal detector. They recently got engaged and are planning the marriage for next Summer. This was such an important mission for me as I’m sure it meant a lot and was going to be hard to replace it.
So, after work yesterday I headed up to a town in the North East Kingdom (a name local Vermonters use for the northeastern part of our state). It was totally dark out and the thermometer in my car read 9 degrees when I got there, brrrrrrr! I hoped for a quick search. They showed me where they had been doing things in their back yard, and I got started. Turns out it wasn’t going to be easy, there were lots of signals from many years of doing projects from the people who had lived there before them. After about 20 signals, I got a loud, snapping signal that sounded like a ring on the surface. I pushed some of the snow aside, put the pinpointer in and found a nice shiny ring! They were so happy to have it back, and we were all happy it was a pretty quick search.
I wish them a lifetime of happiness, they seem so much in love.

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