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Ring Found in Vermont Lake

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a call last weekend from a guy who lost his wedding band while vacationing and swimming in Lake Eden. It was a custom made ring, inscribed with “Best Friends” and the date of their wedding 25 years ago. He was feeling sick about losing it, and frustrated that he had it resized larger not long ago. He lost it about 75’ off shore and about 12 feet down to the silty bottom. He tried unsuccessfully to find it swimming down with a mask.

Luckily for him, I had recently made the acquaintance of a scuba diver, Chris Farr, who is very enthusiastic about doing recoveries of all types. He has many thousands of dollars and hundreds of training hours invested. You may recognize him from being in the news recently doing searches for the Vermont State Police, other agencies and private people. He said he is glad to help in water searches that are too deep for me. He’s comfortable doing solo searches down to 20 feet as long as he has someone there for surface support. (He also dives well below 100 feet deep, but only when partnered with a competent, certified diver)

We all met today at the camp and discussed the search strategy. The family had done a good job memorizing the area where the ring had been lost. I was to be the support crew, sitting on a paddle board just above Chris, while he carefully scoured the bottom with my metal detecting equipment. At first we got a little discouraged when we discovered how thick the layer of soft silt was, afraid that the ring may have already sunk deep into it.

It was fun to watch Chris search, he has some very impressive searching techniques for sure. After finding an old soda can and a fishing weight, a little over an hour into the search, he got a good signal and carefully extracted the beautiful ring out of the silt. It had already settled about 2-3 inches in. We all celebrated!!!

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