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Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Yard while Playing with Dog .. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

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>>> Russ called me asking for help to find his platinum wedding ring. He had been playing with his dog in the backyard. Soon after going inside the house he discovered his platinum wedding ring was not on his finger. Although he didn’t feel the ring come off his finger he believed the ring had to be somewhere in the backyard.

He used a rake to try dislodge the ring from the grass. After several hours, he gave up and went to the internet for ideas on how to search for a ring. While online he found TheRingFinders site and my contact information. He called me that afternoon. I found out that he could be home to let me search the small back yard grass and planters.

After arriving at his home in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA., Russ showed me a nice grass backyard with planters all around the perimeter. It looked promising as the lawn was deep grass, perfect to hide a heavy platinum ring.

I gave Russ a bit of a tutorial on my detector and how I would begin my search. He understood that it was going to be a tedious process and he went inside the house. My plan was to eliminate the grass then attack the ground level planters. Well, I was three quarters through the grass area when I took a swing into one of the planters, BOOM!! a nice tone in my earphones that I had to inspect with my pinpointer. Russ’s ring was no longer lost. 

I went to their back door to inform them that I had found the ring. It was still in its hiding place, so I directed them to the location. After pointing out where it was they still couldn’t see it. It’s amazing how the silver color of platinum, silver or white gold can almost act as camouflage in dirt or any shaded location. It was a happy occasion for all of us. Technology wins again..

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