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Lost Tiffany Platinum Diamond Ring in the Sand.. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Stephanie and her family spent Saturday at Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. While they were there Stephanie’s Platinum Diamond ring came off her finger while throwing g ball. The ring disappeared immediately in the soft sand. 

The next morning her husband returned the the location with a metal detector. His attempts to find the ring failed. Monday morning Stephanie located me using a online search. She told me what happened and what beach. Even though it had been several days. She gave me very good directions and had left a marker straight in-line with where the loss happened. I felt we had a good chance to find the ring without either of them having to leave work to guide me.

I drove about 5 miles to the beach parked and walked about a block where I saw the marker. I also checked my phone messages to see photos that she had sent. Location confirmed, I began a grid search with my metal detector. A few minutes later I got a good signal and the ring was in my sand scoop.

I sent her a photo of the ring and she replied with a phone call soon after. We met at a location convenient for both of us where I was able return her ring. You can see from the photo that Stephanie was a happy lady.