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Pendant Lost from Necklace in the Sand at Corona Del Mar State Beach Recovered and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Tim was playing volleyball with his friends at Corona Del Mar Beach with is in the city of Newport Beach, CA. When he jumped up to spike a ball over the net. He felt his cross pendant snag on the net. His cross pendant pulled loose from his necklace.

His friends found me detecting on the beach asking for help to find Tim’s sentimental keepsake.

A short walk across the sand was not a problem for me. Besides I’d rather recover and return a lost item for someone than wonder around on the beach finding a few coins, pull tabs and bottle caps.

Tim was able to show me the general area. A couple quick swings of my detector coil and I received a signal. Good thing the metal detector was in all metal mode because the cross was ferrous metal. I’ve learned in past searches that you can’t always assume that jewelry is precious metals. I could have missed the target if I was searching in discrimination mode.

He and his friends were very happy to see how easy it was to find their friend’s pendant. They didn’t know that they could have spent hours trying to find it in the sand.. Timing was important as it is with all searches.