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Ring found on Miller Farm, Cedar Springs, Michigan

  • from Manistee (Michigan, United States)

Happy again!!

While telling my mom and sister about my latest find up on Muskegon River, I recieved a phone call from Laura Miller. While washing her horses she discovered she had lost her diamond wedding ring and search all over the ground in vain. She got the sissors out and was cutting the grass around the wash rack until late in the night to no avail. I told her I would be there the next morning at 9AM.

I pulled into the drive of a quaint 4 acre, 120 yr old farm. I was

Ring found brings Happy Tears.

greated by there Golden Lab who wanted to catch a ball. Then I met Laura and Jim Miller who once again explained what happened and where it might have fallen. I got out my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger and in a matter of minutes I found her ring. It’s nice to know at 66 years old I can still make¬†women cry. Laura ran to her husband and hug him and cried on his shoulder with happy tears.

After standing around talking about family and Jims time in the Army and mine in the Air Force we bid farewell and was invited back to metal detect the farm any time I would like.