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2 Gold and diamond rings, lost for 4 years, recovered Carpentersville, Il

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email from Lori in January about looking for a lost diamond ring in thier backyard. She asked if I thought that I could possibly find it even though it was lost over 4 years ago. I asked her if there was any type of construction or if the soil had been disturbed since then.  She said that it was not disturbed. But we just had a major snow and ice storm that left over a foot of snow and ice on the ground so we decided to wait for it to melt. It took till March 11th for all of the snow and ice to melt and for us to have a chance to meet up for the search.  I was shown the area in the backyard where the ring was thought to be. After 2 1/2 hours of searching their’s and both of their neighbors backyards all the way down to the edge of the swamp, at the rear of their townhomes with no luck.  So I came back the following afternoon with some Muck boots and waded into the edge of the swamp. Not long into the search I recovered a white gold wedding band with no diamnds incased in a tite root ball! Confused I asked Lori to describe her ring to me again and she told me it was a diamond ring with one bigger center stone and smaller stones on the sides. So I showed her the ring I found. It was her wedding band! So my ring search turned into a multiple ring search. Turns out the entire wedding set was out there and now just the diamond ring is still out there! So I searched as much of the swampy area as I could before getting water over my boots. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the diamond ring that night. So I told Lori that I wasn’t giving up and that I would return with my chest waders and the rest of my water gear. It took a few days before I could get back. March 19th I made it back with my water gear and within minutes I had another white metal ring! Just a band with no stones. Turned out to be a stainless steel ring. And just a few minutes later I got the signal that I had been waiting for! 13 on the Nox, still entangled in the vegetation floating near the surface of the water was Lori’s long lost diamond ring!! We knew it was there, I just had to get my coil over it!!


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