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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find 2 lost diamond wedding rings at Carlsbad state beach in San Diego.OPEN NOW;CALL 760 889 2751

On Sunday morning August 11th,I received a text message regarding a lost wedding ring buried in the sand at Carlsbad state beach the day before,This is another urgent 911 Ring Finders call as there are too many Detector guys that scan this area daily/nightly combined with the limited weekend warrior parking plus crowded beaches that could very well render this recovery astray …So I was on my way immediately to help as usual…

Soon enough,I met the 3 good friends of the owner and they pointed out an area in the dry sand where they all were enjoying the beach the day before.I began scanning with my metal detector while finding lots of hidden trash for about 15-20min when I received a particular low tone reading that gave me hopes it could be the Ring I was called to search for?…As I dug it up, I was shocked seeing 2 rings in the sand scoop? Instantly after showing them what I just found it was definitely time to celebrate 🎉

The best part of these calls is when the owner gets contacted with a picture of their ring/rings after it has been safely found! Time to cheer and take photos:) I’m sure this meant a lot to them and was glad to of help find what may of been lost forever.

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