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Lost Keys Found in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Sunday .. May 3, 2015

It was a nice morning to go play with my metal detector at the beach before too many people get here. After a couple hours I stopped to talk to another detectorist as I was leaving. That’s when Nader walked up to both of us asking if we had found any car keys. I asked him if he had checked with the lifeguards and he had. Then I told him I was a member of TheRingFinders and had a lot of experience finding lost items at the beach. After asking him a few questions, Nader told me that he and his girlfriend had taken a walk on the beach at 2:30am. When they returned to the car he realized his car keys were missing.
I told him it was possible to find them because the area he laid out was not heavily hunted by other detectorist hunt and the beach cleaning machines do not work Sunday mornings. The other guy with a detector wanted to help with the search so we split the search area and began to grid the dry sand. Nader took off to search the pier and the parking lot. I did ask him to leave his phone number so I could contact him. I have had people ask me if I found an item and not been able to locate them after I found it later in the day. I always have my pen and paper with me.
After covering about a football field area of the beach, the keys showed up in my scoop. I called Nader to give him the good news. He was probably three blocks away, but he showed up breathless. I know he was surprised because he knew how far they walked last night. The keys could have been anywhere. It was a shot in the dark but Lady Luck was working in his favor today. Nader said he did not know that TheRingFinders existed, but he would tell all his friend about our group.