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Expensive Car Keys Found in the Snow in Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a phone call from a gentleman who lost his car keys in the snow. He said that because it’s a leased car, the dealership said when the lease was up, he would have to turn in the car with 2 keys. They said it would cost him $250 for a replacement key! (Actually, some manufacturers are even higher….disgusting).

So, after work I went right over to his town. He and his wife showed me the area to search, and I got started. Unfortunately, their snowplow guy had come, so I figured this could be a long search! I scanned all the edges and the 2 big piles, and got no signals. So, out comes the shovel, to dig away at the piles. Still didn’t find it. I decided to search beyond the piles in the fresh powder, and soon got a good signal! There it was, about a foot down! I don’t really know how it got to that spot, must’ve grown wings!

I went inside and gave it to them. A very nice couple, and they just happened to know my father and mother in law. I was so glad to help them out.