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How To Find a Ring Lost In Snow

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a voicemail from a guy who had recently lost his wedding ring. He had triple bad luck. He not only lost a beautiful custom made 18k ring, but he and his wife had only been married for one week, and he lost it the day they were leaving for a little honeymoon trip! Oh my, what a crazy thing!

He searched in the snow and was unable to find it. So we met tonight in the blowing snow at the area he had fallen in the snow. I got my detector out, fine tuned it and took a swing across the snow. Literally on that first swing, only one second into the search, I got a strong signal with the right number for gold. I scooped some snow out and pushed the pinpointer in and found it, about 10” into the snow. We were stunned!! It was a new recovery record for me!! You just never know, many of my recoveries have taken 10-20 hours.

He was so happy! I hope hey have much better luck in the future and a very long life together.