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Lost Wedding Ring Found in Stowe

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


I was out on errands when I got a call from a guy who had just lost his wedding band in the snow in Stowe. I always keep at least one detector in the car in case I get an emergency call, and told him I could come immediately to do a search.

He and his wife and two daughters were here for a long weekend of skiing. He was helping one of his daughters out of the car and threw some of her nut shells out into the snow. Luckily, he felt his ring fly off, otherwise, he may not have known where to look.

They searched with no luck. His friend looked online to see where to buy or rent a detector close by, and he came across my listing for The Ring Finders service.

In a little less than an hour I met them there, he showed me the area where it should be, and I started the grid search. After a few false alarm signals, I got a good signal, pushed the pin-pointer into the snow and there it was! A very handsome platinum and rose gold ring. He quickly put it right back where it belongs, on his finger.

Hopefully he never loses it again, it’s not a pleasant experience to lose your wedding ring!

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