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Delicate Gold Necklace found on Lake Champlain beach, Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a call this afternoon from a distressed woman on a beach on Lake Champlain. Two days ago she had lost a very special necklace. I told her I would get there just as fast as I could pack up my things.

When I arrived she explained that she was in Vermont on a temporary work assignment and had to leave in a few days. Her boyfriend, who was still in college in Texas, had given it to her and she knew if she left Vermont without it she would be broken hearted about it (I think wedding bells are in the future!).
She had taken the necklace off to go for a swim, and set it on her towel on the sand. When she came back from the swim, the bugs decided to attack her (Vermont bugs are fierce this time of year!!). She jumped up, grabbed her towel and hurried down the beach a little ways to get away from them. In the haste she had forgotten about the necklace. When she realized it was gone she went back and couldn’t find it. After searching for it for a couple days she thought she would buy a metal detector. But then she learned about The Ring Finders and gave me a call. I’m glad she didn’t buy one, because it would’ve cost her $800 or more to get one that would pick up the the signal from such a light chain and tiny diamond pendant.
I got started and dug about 50 tiny pieces of foil and scrap metal. I got a faint signal with crazy numbers and dug it anyway. About 2 or 3 inches down was a beautiful gold chain! What a relief, there it was, and noone had walked off with it! She collapsed to the ground and held it tight. One very happy lady!!

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