Class ring found 20 plus years later.

  • from Riverdale (Michigan, United States)

I found this Ferris state university class ring at the ball field in Ithaca Mi. I almost passed over it because I was getting tired and I thought it might be another chewed up zinc penny. To my surprise it was a 10 k gold class ring. I looked at the inside edge and found the name of the owner and immediately started looking for James Thompson. As it turned out James is the principal at Ithaca high school. When I arrived at the school to return the ring, James told me the story of how he lost it. He said that he was coaching football and it must have came off while throwing the ball. This was more than twenty years ago. If it wasn’t for my wife asking me to pick up our daughter I wouldn’t have been there to find it, because I had already left another park and was heading back home. For some reason I seem to find gold when I follow my wife’s orders. James was very happy to have his ring back, and I was happy to have found it for him.

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