Warren Cook

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on the reward system. You can pay me what it’s worth to you and what you can afford.

I charge a $25.00 callout fee to cover my fuel expense may be more or less depending on where you are located (call to discuss).

Search Types

parks, beaches, schools, private property, shallow water up to 6 feet. With private property it will be up to you to obtain written permission for me to search the property for you.

Search Locations

Preferably within a fifty mile radius of riverdale, but I am willing to travel further.

Warren Cook's Bio

I started metal detecting in 2017 after breaking my leg in 2016. I just sat at home watching YouTube videos of people finding all these rings, coins, and other stuff. After my first silver quarter I was hooked.

Warren Cook - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost ring found in the driveway (2024)

    I found this titanium and rose gold ring for Raymond in his driveway. I had searched the driveway, as well as the surrounding area, but didn’t go out far enough. It had came off his finger when he was brushing saw dust off his pants. He said that he heard it bounce twice, but he […]

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  • Ring found in a field (2024)

    A friend of my wife and I called me to ask if I could find his bosses ring. They work for the local drain commission and while out in a field working, our friends boss brushed his pants off before getting into the truck losing his wedding ring in the tall grass. They tried to […]

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  • Lost ring found at the beach (2023)

    I found this ring for this young lady while I was at a local beach metal detecting. She forgot it on her towel, and when she got up to leave, it fell on the grass. Her friend asked me if I had been in the area, as they had left and later realized that the […]

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  • Class ring found 20 plus years later. (2022)

    I found this Ferris state university class ring at the ball field in Ithaca Mi. I almost passed over it because I was getting tired and I thought it might be another chewed up zinc penny. To my surprise it was a 10 k gold class ring. I looked at the inside edge and found the […]

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  • Lost ring at Port Huron state park (2022)

    I found this ring for a lady at Port Huron state park in Michigan. My family and I had went to Port Huron for the weekend and while I was searching the beach a lady asked me if I could help her find her ring that her grandma had given her. She told me that […]

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Warren Cook - Testimonials

  • Warren was fantastic and persistent. (2022)


    Hello, Readers! I am ‘the Lady’ Warren speaks of in the post. Think of something extremely special to you, then think of losing it. It was a terrible feeling, but Warren did not give up! The ring was deeper and further than any of us thought it would be. Warren was fantastic and persistent.