Diamond Engagement Ring Found Deep In Leaves in Nazareth, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost a ring, call 610-207-8677.  I received a call from Darin saying his wife possibly lost her wedding bands while playing in the leaves with their kids. She noticed the rings were not on her finger when getting ready for bed that night. They searched the entire house and the clothes she was wearing and could not find them. They thought the rings must have come off while she was playing in the leaves on a nice autumn day. Darin found me on TheRingFinders and I arrived a few days later when our schedules aligned.

I met Darin at their home on a Saturday morning and began the search. I searched for over two hours in a large area of deep leaves that Darin had raked up and thick brush along a creek. I was getting a lot of shallow hits as there was lots of foil and tin in the area. I finally got a strong hit reading 50 on my Garrett ATPro and found the engagement band. Darin called Kate from the house and she came running with excitement to retrieve the ring.  I continued to search for about another hour looking for the wedding band but with no luck. Darin and Kate were more then happy with me finding the diamond engagement ring, but knowing the engagement ring was in the leaves, I may return another day to search for the wedding band. I love adding to my book of smiles and reuniting lost items to their owners.