Annville, PA - Wedding Ring Found

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a call from a very nice gentleman named Sergio asking if I could help his neighbor. While he was working, he noticed his neighbor Violet and her husband fumbling with an old metal detector. They told him that Violet had lost her wedding ring while gardening. Despite their efforts, their metal detector was broken. Sergio reached out to Ring Finders and contacted me to see if I could help. After several days I was able to schedule the search and met Violet at her home. She walked me around her yard where she was working and after about 45 min of searching, I found her ring in her yard. She was so excited and happy that I found it as she was sure it was lost forever. As we searched, Violet was telling me how much more work she needs to do around the house, because her husband of 35 years has Alzheimer’s. It’s great neighbors like Sergio that makes the world a better place.   For all your lost jewelry contact Tracy Santee at