Team work helps find wedding ring in Bloomsbury, NJ

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received an email from Bob stating he lost his wedding ring while walking his dog and was wondering if I could help him. The weather turned to a beautiful 65 degrees after several days of freezing temperatures. I met Bob and he began to show me where he walked throughout the town. He told me that he and his friend (also named Bob) had walked the route several times and could not find the ring due to snow still being on the ground. I searched all the grass areas between the roads and sidewalks with my Garrett ATPro for many blocks. Bob’s friend had been watching me as I searched the last area where he had been with his dog. As I began to move the coil around a tree, he bent down in front of me and picked up the ring. We were excited it was found and he said if it wasn’t for watching my coil he would not have seen it. I did not take a reward, but they said I should count it as a find because I would have passed over the ring in another few inches. When you loose a piece of jewelry it is important to search for your nearest metal detector expert. Call Tracy Santee at 610-207-8677 for all of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey.

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  1. Bob D says:

    Follow up: I want to thank Tracy for spending a lot of time with me and my friend Bob to help recover the wedding band. My wife was extremely happy that we were able to find it. Without his help and Patience we would have been lost along with the ring. Tracy was pleasant and thorough with his searching technique and he is highly recommended.
    Great to have help from Ring Finders and hopefully never have to use them again…LOL. But I will be sure to pass on our happy experience to any one that needs help. Thanks Again, Tracy! Great Job!

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