Lost wedding ring FOUND in Jamison, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

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Brian called me and stated he lost his wedding ring while helping his mom cut back bushes and cleaning up leaves in her flower beds. While driving to church later in the day, he realized he did not have his ring on his hand. After returning to his moms house, they made a visual search of the yard as well as searching through approx. 10 large garbage bags of leaves and brush, but with no luck. After Brian’s call to me, I made arrangements to search the yard and after approx. 20 min. searching with my Garrett ATPro, I got a strong target signal of 61. As I moved the coil away, I saw the ring in the grass. Brian and his mom were watching from the house and ran outside when they saw my excitement.  Brian immediately took a photo of the ring on his finger and sent it to his wife.

I was so glad to make their day and return his ring before the holidays.