Lost wedding ring found in Nesquehoning, PA.

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

Robert was helping his sister-in-law with yard work when he lost his wedding ring. It was a cold day and he stated it just fell off while burying a drain pipe in the yard.  This had been one week prior to the 2nd anniversary of his wife’s passing from cancer. His daughter-in-law contacted me through Ring Finders and I went to look for it. He told me it was a Silver Ring, so I discriminated out all iron and even gold on my ATPro. After looking for about 30min, something told me to remove the discrimination of gold. It then took me about 2 min to get a great signal in the gold range. After moving some dirt and stones, I found his ring. He just stood their in amazement when I handed him back his ring. I told him that even though it looks like silver, it is actually a white gold ring. Lesson learned and I was so happy that I could make is day during a difficult time for him. Why try to rent a metal detector when you can use RingFinders.