Another great find

  • from Worcester (Massachusetts, United States)

Got a call from John from Maynard, Massachusetts. A week ago he tossed some leaves behind his fence. He lost his ring then and looked for it. He thin contacted me an went over to look for it. About 1.5hrs I found his ring in another pile of leaves. We were both very happy that the ring found his hand again.

Found John’s wedding band

3 Replies to “Another great find”

  1. John M says:

    This is John. Thank you again Tony. You are a lifesaver!

  2. Cindy Spencer says:

    I left you a VM.Mt husband lost his ring in a pile of leaves 2 days ago.We have only been married since June and he is quite upset.Any chance you would come to Weston.

    Many Thanks

    Cindy Spencer

  3. Tony Monti says:

    Yes, Please call me at 508-380-5568 anytime.

    Im sure we will find it, do now throw those leaves away!

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