Tony Monti

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on the Reward Basis... that means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

If unable to find lost item there is a $25 gas fee for up to 30 miles. Thereafter the fee is .50 a mile.

Search Types

Yards, Banks, Parks, Shallow Water, Snow areas, Fields and most any place that is considered Safe to detect.

Search Locations

Marlborough, Framingham and Worcester. Surrounding 30 mile radius areas around Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Like to perform search and rescue missions between Rt 190 to Rt 128 beltway.

Anywhere within a 1 hour drive from Marlborough, give or take depending on your detecting needs.

Tony Monti's Bio

I am a U.S.Navy Veteran, a bit of a electricity and electronic geek, interested in helping people and learning more about the area. My background is employment in the High Tech Computer and Semiconductor industry. I enjoy helping people in every aspect of life. I enjoy metal detecting and looking for lost items.

Tony Monti - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost hearing aid lost and found! (2019)

    Ellen called me and was upset that she lost her newly purchased “good ear hearing aid” while raking leaves. After a few hours I got a hit on my metaldetector looking for a its 3mm hearing aid battery.  

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  • Another great find (2017)

    Got a call from John from Maynard, Massachusetts. A week ago he tossed some leaves behind his fence. He lost his ring then and looked for it. He thin contacted me an went over to look for it. About 1.5hrs I found his ring in another pile of leaves. We were both very happy that […]

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  • (2017)

Tony Monti - Testimonials

  • Did you lose your ring? Have no fear Tony Monti is here! (2017)


    Attention Worcester and Metro West Area... Did you lose your ring? Have no fear Tony Monti is here! I lost my wedding band in my backyard doing yard work two summers ago. I searched on my own for days and finally gave up.

    Six + months later (after the winter and snow had come and gone) Tony came to my house after hearing of the loss, convinced he could find it. Sure enough, in a short period of time Tony had found my lost wedding band. Thanks Tony!

    Jay G

    Marlborough, MA