Carmel beach. Lost ring found.

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from some folks, who had a wedding coming up in just a couple of days.  They lost the bride-to-be ring just days before the planned event.   She had taken the ring off , and stashed it for safe-keeping, in their belongings that they’d set at their beach blanket area.     When they went to leave, somehow it got lost in the sand.   They looked up Lost Ring + Carmel beach, etc… on the web.


Found this Ring Finders directory listing, and we hooked up to look for it.  Found the ring in 5 minutes.  Right in their suspected foot-path zone.

Thanx for letting me post the re-union story here.  Glad to have helped.  Thanx for the tip.  Congratz on the upcoming wedding !

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  1. tom richards says:

    This is the father of the bride. Thanks for finding that ring so fast and changing a catastrophe into a really good story (10 years from now). The amazing thing was to watch the groom prove to me he loved my daughter no matter what. In addition he has amazing parents that really saved the day by finding you and comforting us till the happy ending.

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