Lost Ring in Carmel reunited

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from “Mary”.   Tourists visiting Carmel, realized her ring was missing.    They narrowed it down to suspecting it might have fallen out of their vehicle as they began their walk through the tourist district of Carmel.  It was a long shot, since :  There’s only a teensy planter tree-strip box there along the sidewalk.   Not much use for a metal detector.  But we thought:  Maybe obscured in the pine needles there ?


Before turning on my machine to hunt, I noticed that the street sweeper had not passed by there for awhile .  Evidence of leaf and duff buildup on the street, so perhaps cars perpetually parked , that keep the street sweeper from reaching the curb in the recent past.  So on a hunch, I began studying the street curb/gutter area.  Twitching aside leaves and duff.   Nothing.  Then on my hands and knees to study under the car that was currently parked there.   And there it was !   Run over a time or two (needs a jeweler’s adjustment), but the stone still intact.  Didn’t even need my metal detector after all.  🙂


She shared with me the effort and workload her fiance had gone through to afford the ring, so … to them it had a lot of sentimental value.   Will be going out in today’s mail to southern CA for another happy reunion.   Glad I could help !

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