Ring found on Santa Cruz beach

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a fellow who had been splashing around in the surf on a beach in Santa Cruz.  He saw and felt his wedding ring come off.  He instinctively reached for it in the knee-deep depth water.  But the cloudy water prevents visibility.  And the sand and ebbing/rolling surf immediately envelope it.   He had a rough idea where it was, but no amount of eyeballing the surface was going to reveal it.   He got hold of me through the ringfinder directory.   I was a bit busy with work this morning, so I matched him up with a friend of mine who lives just a few miles from this particular beach.  The two of them hooked up, and …… 2 minutes later, the reunion was made.   Thanx for helping Gary !   Glad we could help them.

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