Wedding ring found, Monterey, CA

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

This ring fell through an ocean front esplanade /wharf type area.  Through a crack in the slats, and down into the tide pools below.   Obscured from view in seaweed and sand.   They found the ringfinder metal detector  rental service website.   We were able to schedule a search.   45 minutes later, was able to do the reunite.  Glad to have another happy customer.  An heirloom to stay in the family 🙂  She sends this nice note :


“Today Tom returned one my most beloved and treasured items. While eating dinner in Monterey, my wedding ring fell
off and down through a crack, into the rocks and water below. my husband gave me this ring almost 20 years ago . I honestly thought I’d never see it again! Tom, thank you for being you and so willing to help others!!!”



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