Metal detector rental finds 2 rings Monterey

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call late last night, for 2 rings on Carmel Beach.  A fellow had been raking his hand through sand, clowning around with his lady friend.  All of the sudden noticed his ring missing.  And figured it must have come off in the beach sand that he had just had his hands in.  Although he wasn’t 100% certain if it had been gone prior to that, elsewhere on the beach.


They searched in vain for it.   And thought they could do an experiment by purposefully dropping her ring in the sand.  So that they could have an idea of how it looks when it hits the sand, etc…  So as to maybe help them figure out how to find his ring.   But ironically, after dropping hers to the sand in their experiment, IT TOO became lost.   Now they had two sentimental value rings missing.  Ouch !


They spent a good deal of time digging around, raking sand through with their fingers.  Then found the “” metal detector rental site .  They had done a good job of putting a GPS pin on the location.   So I was able to get there middle of night, hike out in the dark to their exact pin.  Within 10 minutes had both rings.  They can now return to the east coast with their rings.


Thanks for the generous tip.   Glad to help.   Very nice couple.


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